We develop the business of our clients by selling exhibition, advertising, event and digital projects, in basis of which - creative concepts, expert judgment and advanced communication technologies

Since 1996, Grata Adv has gone from a small advertising agency to a large holding, which has completely taken over the images of the largest Russian brands. We are not limited to beautiful presentations and demonstration of ideas. We will implement them, from start to finish.

To develop, prepare and hold a large-scale event - we will do it! Create a corporate promo video, video presentation or draw graphic content for an interactive presentation - no problem! Design and manufacture custom-made gift sets or calendars - our designers are ready to show you several options.

By entrusting your business to us, you will not feel the need to find individual performers.

Who are we?

This is best told by our clients: innovative, high-tech companies that keep up with the times and expect appropriate solutions from us. It is more and more difficult to surprise with the control of gestures during a presentation, so in addition to them, we have been using augmented and virtual reality technologies, innovative ways of displaying data for several years.

This is not so much a tribute to fashion as it is the belief that this way of demonstrating a product or service can simultaneously surprise and inform our clients and their audience.

A close-knit team of creators, managers, analysts and experts in various fields will be able to implement their plans at the highest level, accompanying each project to its complete completion.

How do we do it?

Each element of the project is extremely important, they form an impression about the event, and therefore about the company. It is a priority for us to invest a part of the brand in every detail, to convey the key message to the audience. Therefore, we carefully listen to the wishes of our customers, we coordinate every change, even the most imperceptible.

This applies to each stage of the project: to preliminary informational support of the event, to the complete program and technical content of the action itself and to consolidate success in the form of reporting promotional materials and post-activities.

We specialize in events where all of our departments are involved.

Geography of projects

We are trusted